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Hassle free Financed solar solutions designed to let you get on with living your life. Apply today and get energy freedom.

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Solar Dynamo takes the stress and hassle out of buying an expensive solar system by offering finance solutions where you can rent a state of the art solar system at affordable monthly rates.

Solar Dynamo works with selected partners to ensure that the Solar Solution you invest in is of the highest quality and is maintained throughout its lifecycle.

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Picking the right solar partner can be difficult.  With so many options available it’s difficult to know what is best for you. At Solar Dynamo focus on three main aspects that we believe are critical to getting the right solution for you.

Future thinking
Future Proof

SolarDynamo understands that as your family grows, their energy needs change. Each of our systems and rental solutions is designed to be scalable to ensure you always have access to all the power you need.

Professional installation and Maintenance

We understand the frustration of going through a blackout. Our professional installation and maintenance teams integrate a certified solar system into your home and make sure your solar system is always running optimally.

Highest quality

We only rent the highest quality solar components in each of our systems. This ensures longer uptimes and increased efficiency, meaning you can rest assured your solar system is running optimally.

affordable Monthly Fees

With SolarDynamo a top-quality solar system becomes an affordable monthly fee with no surprises or extras. The energy created by the sun saves you money your every increasing utility bills.

Everything you need to get energy freedom is included in one simple monthly cost.

Solar Dynamo partners

Solar Dynamo has selected premium partners to bring our solutions to you.  Select a Solar Dynamo partner below to find out more about the rental rates for each of their Tier 1 solar solutions.  They will assist you in understanding how the technology enhances your lifestyle and how our rental solutions work for your budget.

More than just solar

Dynamo is about more than solar. It's about redefining your relationship to the basic services we need to life our lives
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