Dynamo digital is a design & development agency from
Cape Town, South Africa.

Dynamo incorporates both Generator Interactive and 6AM Design Media and focuses on providing the industry with complete internet-based web solutions, including; design, development & consulting.

Tel: +27 21 702 4549
Fax: +27 86 23 28566

Unit 1 Regent Park,
Bell Crescent Road
West Lake Business Park
Cape Town 7945, South Africa
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About Us


Dynamo digital is a design, development & consulting agency from Cape Town, South Africa.

Dynamo incorporates both Generator Interactive and 6AM Design Media and focuses on providing the industry with complete internet-based web solutions, including; design, development & consulting.

Generator Interactive

Generator is a new media design and development company from Cape Town, South Africa.

Generator has been transforming businesses online for over 10 years. They've done this by marrying technology with design. With thier simple philosophy of "engage and interact" with customers has helped many of our clients grow their sales and brands over the internet and via other mobile technologies.

With over 350 web builds behind them and 10 years of working in the digital space, they have come to know and understand what works best for both large and small businesses.

So, if you are looking to build or upgrade a website, develop a web-centric business application, develop a smart phone application or simply need advice on how to grow your brand online, look no further.

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6AM Design Media

Our employee’s have over 20 years experience between them in the web design, web development, online consulting and mobile industry.

6AM focuses on providing the industry with complete internet-based solutions: from web design and development to social media and online consulting. These services are facilitated by a team of highly skilled and dedicated professionals, who have enabled 6AM to develop and maintain a reputation for innovative ideas and solutions, quality services and personal attention.

6AM Media was founded in 2010 as a Boutique Digital Agency with a desire to offer clients a personally tailored range of digital and print design services from Corporate Identity, Product Design and Packaging to full Web Design.

The concept behind the development of 6AM Media was to unite a small dedicated team of professionals and networking partners from around the world that are able to provide the same solutions and services that big agencies offer today, but with the added advantage of dedicated personal attention and a more strategic focus, which would ultimately allow working relationships to flourish between 6AM and their clients.

It is through our determination to make the concept of 6AM Media a reality that we have established on going working relationships with many reputable companies.

Our proven dedication to all elements of print and web design means that our clients trust us to move their brands forward, because they know that our hard work results in increased brand awareness and ultimately profitability.

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Services Offered

IT Consulting

Tell us your big idea over a cup of coffee. NDA included - naturally.

Application Prototyping

Need proof of concept? Now let's put that big idea into practice.

Bespoke Applications

Need something unique for your business? This is our bread & butter - & Cake(PHP).

Mobile Development

Put your product (or maybe just your website) in the pockets of millions.

Website Content Management

Need to update your content quickly & easily? We've got the perfect solution.

Hosted Solutions

No need to reinvent the wheel, there's a host of great products out there already.

Responsive Design

One size fits all. Get seamless layouts regardless of how surfers find your site.

HTML5 Standards

We only use the latest & greatest, your site is quicker & will last longer.

CSS3 Standards

Ditto (see previous service) - lighter pages are quicker to load & manage.

Our Clients

Activate! Change Drivers

Activate! is a network of young leaders equipped to drive change for the public good across South Africa. Connecting youth who have the skills, sense of self and spark to address tough challenges and initiate innovative and creative solutions that can reshape our society.

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Arniston Spa Hotel

In 2009, Arniston Spa Hotel was looking for a fresh new look for all its marketing material including its Website and Social Media. 6AM Design Media was asked to provide some fresh new idea’s to show case the stunning 4 Star Luxury Spa Hotel’s online presence. Since then we have built a solid relationship & assisted the Hotel with all Print, Social Media and Online Marketing making sure all marketing material has its golden thread incorporated.

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Extreme Scene

Based in Cape Town, South Africa, one of the most beautiful cities in the world, our adventure tours in Cape Town provide made to order adrenaline pumping activities to suite every taste.

Together with Generator Interactive, 6AM Design Media assisted with the Design, Development and SEO – building a clean and simple site which allowing clients to engage simply with.

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Goldfish Live

6AM Media has worked with the very popular electronic duo Goldfish for a number of years. From the very beginning 6AM Design Media assisted Dave and Dom with the latest in Social Media platforms allowing them to reach their audience and keep them up to date! In 2014, 6AM was approached to rebuild the new Goldfishlive.com website, with a full custom look & feel which would be integrated into their Social Media Platforms.

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RSR Nurburg

6AM Design Media was recently ask to handle the RSR Web Design. The client required a set of websites to which RSR Nurburg was the very first in the brief. A fully custom design was created to work with the clients brand, and to assist in quick bookings for their fleet & race days. 6AM Design Media also developed the site from the ground up offering a very strong foundation for the client to build on.

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South African College of Business

SACOB is an African business school offering a high touch learning experience to students, business and ultimately to the broader African community.

Their goal is to offer an end-to-end learning experience that delivers quality people into the African economy.

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